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Dernières news à la date du 31/08/2011
News at the date of 31/08/2011

Brighton concert review

Walthamstow’s finest sons East 17 have been edged out of pop history by resurgent 90s chart rivals Take That, but tonight’s gig was a convincing comeback.

Confident, tattooed singer Blair Dreelan filled the boots of absent Brian Harvey, demonstrating genuine rapport with both crowd and bandmates at this evening’s tour-opening show. Songwriter/vocalist Tony Mortimer let Blair and the ‘other two’, Terry Coldwell and John Hendy, take centre stage, as the boys and their band delivered hit after much-loved hit.

From ’House of Love’, through ‘Deep’, to ‘Stay Another Day’, this was end-to-end, solid gold chartbusting glory.

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