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Dernières news à la date du 26/05/2011
News at the date of 26/05/2011

Il semble que le succès de la re-formation du groupe Take That a fait des envieux, puisque c'est maintenant au tour des East 17 de se reformer après presque 20 ans.

En effet alors qu'ils nous avaient laissés avec les singles It's Alright, Thunder et If You Ever Feat Gabrielle, le groupe East17 annonce un come-back avec le nouveau venu Blair Dreelan alias Sparx et sans le chanteur controversé Brian Harvey.

Véritable phénomène Pop au milieu des années 1990, le groupe s'était éteint après les déclarations concernant l'addiction de Brian Harvey à l'ecstasy et la tentative de re-formation du groupe en 2006 s'était terminée par une bagarre entre Mortimer et Harvey.

Enfin, à noter que le single Secret of My Life devrait sortir au mois de juillet 2011 auquel s'ajoutera une petite tournée qui débutera le 15 juillet 2011 à Glasgow.

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East 17 are back to play another day. The former boyband, who were seen as the rough to Take That's smooth in the mid-90s, have announced a comeback featuring songwriter Tony Mortimer but not lead singer Brian Harvey.

This isn't the first time the band have attempted a return to the pop world they dominated from 1993 to 1997. In 1998 Harvey, John Hendy and Terry Coldwell reunited as E-17 (a slightly inappropriate moniker given Harvey's claim to have taken huge amounts of ecstasy), while in 2006 an attempted full reunion was scuppered not only by Hendy needing to spend more time on his roofing business but also by Mortimer punching Harvey for turning up late to a meeting. The original trio will now be joined by Blair Dreelan, aka Sparx.

In their heyday, the Walthamstow band scored hits with songs such as Deep, House of Love and It's Alright. Their biggest single, Stay Another Day, was Christmas No 1 in 1994 and the band chalked up three top 10 albums and 18 top 20 hits.

A new single, Secret of My Life, will be released in mid-July, while a short tour will start on 15 July in Glasgow.

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